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i decided to make this journal entirely friends only.

comment here, or send me a private message, or just friend me. i'll notice and read some of your stuff, and if i think we're a good fit, i'll add you back.

if you're a friend of a friend, you're doubly encouraged to do so.


Jan. 5th, 2017 10:22 pm
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This is both a catch up entry, and a test of Dreamwidth's cross-posting feature. I'm not giving up on Livejournal, but its never a bad idea to have a backup, right?

I still have the Mazda3, and after some 16,000 km, it's only asked for (and gotten) a rear brake caliper and a new battery.

I finished a 6 course photography certificate at Niagara College. There were 7 courses (you needed 6, and could choose between portraiture and advanced Photoshop), but I ended up taking the advanced Photoshop anyway. I retained so much more the second time around, it was worthwhile, even if I didn't really need it. I'm still not a huge fan of photographing people though.

For New Year's Day, for the second time, we went to a pig roast held by the family of a cabinet installer that I met at a job over a year ago. In my early working days, we had worked for his grandparents.

This past fall, we did a complicated job at the Welland Canal, painting huge (8 by 20') steel doors with all sorts of industrial materials I had no experience with, and had no idea what they cost. I did allow for a lot of lost time and hassles (security along the canal has intensified since 9/11, almost to the level of an international border), and the job actually went very well. We were able to do the majority of the work in a disused factory, and just do remedial work after the installation.

We're going to see Roger Waters in October.
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i collect license plates, but only from jurisdictions i've been to. except luxembourg, which we drove through, but didn't even stop in.
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the later apollo missions, the peter demeter case, and the watergate hearings. i had just started delivering the (toronto) globe and mail. for some reason, i don't remember anything about the vietnam war from that time.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]i went to back school because a friend asked me to tag along to one of his lectures, long after high school. it wasn't career related, but i did graduate. i just started back to do a 4th year after a nine year hiatus, and although it was tough going initially, i'm back in the game.

no, i think psychology and i are a good fit, i couldn't see myself in any other program.
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glengarry glen ross.

i'm not sure why, i got an old vhs copy by chance (my wife got it as a small workplace performance prize) and for some reason this movie resonated with me. maybe because it isn't yet another piece of easy to digest dreck with clearly defined good guys and bad guys. if you're one of those add-addled avatar/transformers/harry potter fans, move on, this isn't the movie you're looking for.


Dec. 24th, 2009 10:26 pm
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another bad week for celebrities... i liked brittany murphy in king of the hill, and sidewalks of new york.

and i just found out that james gurley passed away.

there are some uber-annoying people who i wish would just die, or at least stop showing up in those annoying e-harmony commercials. so tanyalee, would you please run with scissors, or forget to look both ways when crossing the street, or something... anything so i don't have to see you and your effeminate boyfriend suck face 5x a night.

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if you use hotmail, you should read this article.

basically, if you used a now lapsed hotmail address to set up your journal or community, other people can acquire that email address, because hotmail allows the recycling of email addresses. with that email, they can reset your password and gain control of your lj account.


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